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Arundel Escort - 4
Bognor Regis Escort - 4
Brighton Escort - 3
Burgess Hill Escort - 3
Chichester Escort - 4
Crawley Escort - 2 / 3
Gatwick Airport Escort - 2 / 3
Eastbourne Escort - 4
East Grinstead Escort - 3
Hastings Escort - 4
Haywards Heath Escort - 3
Horsham Escort - 3
Horley Escort - 2 / 3
Lewes Escort - 3
Littlehampton Escort - 4
Worthing Escort - 4

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I'm off to Brighton, anyone want to come with me? Today as Sussex Escort Charlie Anne I'm going to take you on a short tour of  the following main East Sussex and West Sussex towns I'm always happy to visit.

Sussex by the sea they say,
no better place to be or stay,
well in the summer that is so,
right by the sea to dip your toe.

In winter when no sunny ray,
allows one on the beach to play,
tis then this escort will retire,
to play her games beside the fire.

Summer, spring or autumn time,
has Charlie Ann in need of rhyme,
the truth is out or so it's said,
 this girl is best upon a bed.

South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortWhilst as the escort Charlie Anne,  I spend a lot of my time in Sussex in and around Gatwick wearing my Gatwick airport escort uniform, as much of the sex in Sussex is based around the Gatwick airport area,  either visiting  the many hotels around the Gatwick airport complex welcoming or waiving farewell to clients in a way only escort Charlie Anne know how, always ensuing that they leave her with a big smile on their face.

So whilst I'm in the a vicinity a little about the towns around Gatwick airport, many being what they are today due to their proximity to the airport.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Crawley as a  Crawley escort.
A new town in 1947, long before my time but one that just keeps growing along with the nearby airport who are undoubtedly the largest employers in the area . With loads of pubs, I counted no less than 14 in the couple of  hundred yards they call High Street. With it's own football team Crawley Town F.C who in the 1991-92 season reached the third round in the FA Cup and had an outing away from their local 5,000 capacity Broadfield Stadium to play their neighbours Brighton & Hove Albion, drawing some 18,000 plus gate, but no doubt it will be a couple of years before the Reds have to worry about them visiting Liverpool's Kop.
So different from Horleys Arches theatre, Crawley boasts "The Hawth" a grand theatre seating around 850 in the main auditorium, set in not a railway arch but 38 acres of woodland on the outskirts of the town with an added attraction of an amphitheatre area behind the main theatre adjoining the nearby woodland, where summer productions are often performed.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Horley as a  Horley escort.
This typical commuter town as far as I know boasts the only "Arches Theatre" in the country, a small 95 seat theatre located under the railway arches, at The Drive Horley  puts on some 10 productions every, an archway business almost as famous as "The Arches" in Walford. Maybe the ideal venue in future years for the thespian in me me to go on stage and reminisce the life and times of Charlie Anne.
 A pub that always sticks in my mind on the Brighton Rd,  is a pub called the "Game Bird" but recently seems to of gone up in the world, now calling itself the "Air Balloon". Did they decide that they no longer wanted a pub full of escorts, often referred to as game birds and preferred it full local journalists so full of "Hot Air" to keep it afloat.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Horsham as a  Horsham escort.
 This beautiful market town watched over by the Horsham Society whose purpose is to watch over the interests of the town and its surroundings, to guard its heritage, to promote good planning and design and to speak up when it believes decisions detrimental to Horsham are being considered.
Well they have managed to keep "The Causeway" a beautiful and calm tree-lined street of medieval houses, the jewel in Horsham's crown that links St Mary's with the Carfax, the center of the town. So beside a general market on Thursdays and Saturdays Horsham sleeps soundly just as I, Charlie Anne will do tonight with them dreaming of me, and me dreaming of what I might of got up to in the now boarded up "Old Kings Head Hotel" the only town centre hotel closed since 2004.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in East Grinstead as an  East Grinstead escort.
Starting with the naked truth about East Girnsted, lets introduce Louise Redknapp born in Surrey on 4th November 1974 grew up in and around East Grinstead  attending Imberhorne school in the town, recently in the headlines over size zero models, and singer of "You make me feel naked, undressing me with your eyes, you make me feel naked Ohh, hypnotised" a track on her "Naked album. Worry not though guy's East Grinstead escort Charlie Anne has no wish to be a size zero and does not need to be hypnotised to get down and dirty totally naked and help you climb Led Zeppelins famous "Stairway to Heaven" and turn up the volume.
While many towns people travel to work in London, Crawley and elsewhere, by far the the majority work locally and enjoy the tranquil pace of this historic town but beware this is no town to uphold the Protestant Faith, they have been known to burn such martyrs at the stake in the High Street, perhaps an old kind of pavement theatre dating back to 1556.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Crowborough as a  Crowborough Escort.
Well Crowborough means only two things apart from being a rural market town in Sussex close to the Kent county borders. They are Winnie-the-Pooh and Sherlock Holmes.
Winnie-the-Pooh's home, 100 acre wood is based on the real 500 acre wood on the outskirts of Crowborough, so any wood good enough for Alan Alexander  Milne's Winnie to live is good enough for me to frolic around, so never mind a teddy bears picnic why not picnic there with your one and only Ashdown forest pixie me.
Whilst 221b Baker street is the famous address of Sherlock Holmes, Windlesham on the outskirts of Crowborough was the family home of the author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from 1907 till his death July 1930 where he was laid to rest beside his garden hut, which was erected for him as a writing room.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Burgess Hill as a  Burgess Hill escort.
A town full of shops with the usual Scope, Cancer Research and Salvation Army shops full of their latest bargains and their own Burgess Hill Symphony Orchestra which has been performing for over 20 years yes every year once in May and again in November.
The town also has it's own Operatic Society going under the name of "Burgess Hill Opertaic Society" failing to find a more original name. The society with over 100 members staging a couple of  shows a year usually one in  Mar/Apr and the other Oct/Nov.
 Making November the month to visit as they also have their very own BHBS or Burgess Hill Bonfire Society that stages, yes you've guessed, a bonfire every year in November usually somewhere around the 5th of the month, but who knows things might change this year with a new guy in the hot chair as chairman, apparently there is always a shortage of volunteers to stand in for GUY (Joking aside the procession and lead up to the bonfire with many in period costumes is quite spectacular.)
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Haywards Heath as a  Haywards Heath escort.
Known for or infamous for it's Sussex County Lunatic Asylum for paupers since1859, later to be re-named St Francis Psychiatric Hospital, now with our country encouraging lunatics to take over the asylums it has been redeveloped into a trendy posh housing development where one would need to pay around a quarter of a million to be mad enough to live there..
I arrive here having been told to head straight for: Cleavers Lane, Cuckfield; Pickwell Lane, Bolney; Private Road, Balcombe and High Street, Cuckfield, these being the most likely places to bag myself a millionaire sugar daddy with all recent house sales  averaging over a million quid a time. I ignored the advice as I'm not currently looking for a sugar daddy , just want to be a good time girl and decided to check out the local night life. Finding there were no night clubs I decided on taking my date for a romantic meal for two, whilst I'm partial to Italian food I decided to avoid ZiZis and Vivas for fear of running into Pete and Jordon who are rumoured to eat at those restaurant, it would not be very nice to upstage Miz Price now would it? finally deciding on a fish and chip supper and an early night.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Lewes as a  Lewes escort.
Before I set off to look around Lewes one August afternoon my research had produced several  bits of information and I was keen to find out more. So having picnicked on the South Downs before, I decided to take my date early in the day so we could get checked in to a nice hotel before lunch grab a drink and a snack  and start asking questions about the place and who was who, then take a sumptuous picnic up onto the south downs and spend an afternoon  indulging in  fine  food, wine and drop dead sexy gentleman company. A splendid afternoon was had by all but did leave me with a couple of sore sunburnt spots that I noticed later in the shower.
Well the evening had come to find out just why Lewes has such huge firework celebrations.
Having come across a bonfire society in Burgess Hill, I really was intrigued to know why a comparatively smaller  town has currently got 7 bonfire societies. Did they celebrate  5  Guy Fawkes nights?
Well it didn't take to long before we were chatting to this old boy in the hotel bar who seems to know more about these November the 5th celebrations than Guy Fawkes himself did. The more I bought him to drink the more he chatted. So by the time that it had been explained that each of the societies had their own period costumes for the procession and over the last five years a couple of rather controversial effigies,  in 2001 an effigy of Osama bin Laden ensured that the annual event received more press attention than usual.
These celebrations not only marks the date of the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, but also commemorates the memory of 17 Protestant martyrs who were burnt at the stake in the town during the Marian Persecutions of 1555-1557. The current celebrations take the form of a series of torchlight processions through the town. I sight I will make a point of catching soon.
Well my mission over all that was left was to retire to our room and thank my gentleman friend for the day with a very special Charlie Anne treat and get some kip.
Before checking out, whilst chatting over breakfast, I was propositioned and asked by this true gent whether I'd like to make a date for that November the 5th and I thanked him with yet another quick trip up to the room before we left. On the way out he booked our room for Sat 4th, later that year. Well what can I say, I took some good advice wrapped up warm and from the first parade at 5.30 they just kept coming and coming till around midnight,

Well summer is on the way so lets see just what Sussex does have to offer by the sea.
Once things get really hot, off come all Charlie Annes clothes and into the skimpiest bikini possible and down to the coast. Sussex by the sea is calling with so many beaches to chose from.
 South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Chichester loves to slip into the role of Chichester escort with the chance of a days sailing out of Chichester harbour, or maybe a day getting an all over tan at the unofficial naturist Selsey West Beach that lies to the west of Selsey. The unofficial naturist beach is beyond the large West Sands Caravan Park.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton as a Bognor Regis escort or Littlehampton escort. Days in either of these resorts are always a welcome break offering a chance to catch a couple of hours of sun rays on the beach before my appointments.
A great day at Bognor is the "BIRDMAN WEEKEND". The Birdman is a flight competition for human powered flying machines held each summer in the picturesque seaside resort of Bognor Regis on England's south coast. With a substantial prize of 25,000 being offered for the furthest flight over 100 metres on both days. 
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Arundel as an Arundel escort.
On visiting Arundel referred to as the "Gem of Sussex"  it soon becomes clear why that is if travelling west on the A27 as you reach the brow of the hill at Crossbush and you get your first stunning sight below of the town, river, castle and cathedral.
Arundel catholic Cathedral a splendid piece of architecture faced with Bath stone and is in the French gothic style, built in in 1869-72 as a symbol of the revival of Catholicism in this country.
Arundel Castle  the seat of the only dukedom surviving in England from medieval times has only been the main home of the Dukes of Norfolk since 1787, when it was restored and enlarged by  the eleventh Duke. Some hundred years later the fifteenth Duke rebuilt the castle again to give it its present appearance. Thomas Howard, fourteenth Earl of Arundel purchased and commissioned many works of art including paintings by Rubens and Van Dyck. Thomas started a tradition that has continued to the present day, the family collection being unrivalled in both artistic and historic terms. During my last visit I was very disappointed not to find any paintings of the twenty first centaury depicting the aristocratic ladies of today, I'm sure if they  can't afford any of late Princess Di,  I would be happy to sit and have a few paintings of myself done and all it would cost them is the usual  100 p/h, unless they wanted anything more kinky.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Worthing and Eastbourne as a Worthing escort or Eastbourne escort . Or going along the coast a day on the beach at either Eastbourne or Worthing laying there dreaming I'm a life guard in Baywatch, just leaving a little time to wandering around the shops. Those typical sea side gift shops and small select backstreet boutiques offering a chance to stock up on an extra bikini or some diaphanous and silky evening wear for those special romantic moments Charlie Anne loves to share.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Hastings as a Hastings escort.
Well to talk about Hasting one must mention that special event in 1066 that changed the course of British history. So keeping this brief the Battle of Hastings which was fought between King Harold II of England and Duke William of Normandy on the 14 Oct 1066. William whooped the arse of Harold and for the last 940 years every child going through the British education system has had a grumpy old history teacher cramming the date into our heads.
Guess those teachers really should leave those kids alone.
Next time I visit a must for me is a ride on one of the  two funicular railways that run up and down East and West Hills and a look at what is claimed to be the largest beach launched fishing fleet in the country.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortSussex escort Charlie Anne in Brighton as a Brighton escort.
Already spending much time in my Brighton escort roll, I have found Brighton so much fun, with the Grand Hotel, once bombed during a conservative conference whilst Margaret Thatcher was in attendance one of the most delightful hotels to be entertained in with many great late night clubs and discos. I believe Brighton offers something for everyone, ranging from the magnificent Royal Pavilion built by the Prince Regent in 1822, to the delightful labyrinth of shops known as 'The Lanes' and for the thrill seekers even a fair on the end of the pier.

Sadly out of season though it is usually a matter of a quick dash to get to her job and in doors to the warmth that always awaits her either way she always enjoys being a South Coast Sussex escort.

Just a couple of stories I Charlie Anne have come across about Sussex sex scene.

Sussex homes raided - Police investigate the roots of a huge Thai prostitution ring after dawn raids at homes in Sussex.

Women sold outside a coffee shop at Gatwick Airport. Women are being sold into prostitution in modern day "slave auctions" at Britain's airports.