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Asford Escort - 3
Canterbury Escort - 3
Chatham Escort - 2
Dartford Escort - 2
Dover Escort - 3
Folkstone Escort - 3
Gillingham Escort - 2
Gravesend Escort - 2
Herne Bay Escort - 3
Maidstone Escort - 2
Margate Escort - 3
Rainham Escort - 2
Ramsgate Escort - 3
Rochester Escort - 2
Sevenoaks Escort - 2
Sittingbourne Escort - 2
Strood Escort - 2
Tonbridge Escort - 2
Tunbridge Wells Escort - 2

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The Garden of England without Adam and Eve,
a thought such would be, is so hard to conceive,
But with Charlie and Anne, as one to be found
Its a good thing to know she's always around

Chatting to towns folk on pavements in Strood,
Charlie Anne oft tempted, must never be rude,
Oldies reminiscing on the front in  Herne Bay,
This escort's no lady, likes a roll in the hay

If ever the need, to stay over in Kent,
Five stars are essential  to keep her content,
Four poster, sprung mattress, bed nicely  tucked
Ensures her companion gets thoroughly ******

Please allow me Charlie Anne your Kent escort in the South East to welcome you aboard our short tour around Kent. We will be visiting Dartford, Canterbury, Maidstone and Dover to mention just a few of the places where I'm more than happy to have offer out-call visiting escort appointments:

When working as Charlie Anne I would usually arrive in Kent at Dartford, so lets start there.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Dartford as a Dartford escort.
One of the first things I ever read about Dartford is about Dartford being "one town that changed the world", referring to the fact that cement was first discover here and many of the worlds medical wonder drugs originate from this often overlooked corner of Kent. Looking around and seeing the large quarries and cement works and having been well informed that Glaxo Smith Kline is the towns largest employer it is very  likely true. But like so many others all I often see of Dartford is the pay booths before or after I've crossed the river Thames.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Gravesend as a Gravesend escort.
A short drive east along the A226 that runs along the south bank of the River Thames you find Gravesend . A day here with me would have you straight down to Gravesend Sailing Club for an hour or two sailing a dingy on the tidal waters of the Thames, as Charlie Anne and splashing about on the river go hand in hand.

Another fascinating bit of local history is the link with Princess Pocahontas ("Pocahontas", meaning "Playful little Girl" just like me. ) daughter of the Chief of some forty Algonkian Indian villages in North America. She had come to England with a small entourage of Indians as wife of John Rolfe, and before she was able to return to Virginia was taken ill with tuberculosis, a disease to which the Indians were quite prone, and died. It was here in Gravesend she was buried, her resting place now with a small statue. 

Other places of interest might be the Chantry Heritage Centre where exhibits can be found relating to the centre's variety of uses over the centuries, reflecting its status as Gravesend's oldest building, or the New Tavern Fort and step back in time in the fort's network of underground tunnels and experience life as a resident of Gravesend during the Second World War.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne at Brands Hatch as a Brands Hatch escort.
In a hunt for excitement I take a diversion from the planned route and visit Brands Hatch hoping for some practice laps in a racy Mazda RX8 before I hit the big time in a single seater race car to see if I can break a few records, but beware speed really does turn me into a total nymphomaniac, if you're ever lucky enough to catch me just as I come off the track you'll need to find somewhere to be alone damn quick smart to appreciate just how wet and wanting I get.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in the Medway towns, visits Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Strood and Rainham whilst visiting this conurbation of towns in the north of Kent.

As your Chatham escort we might like to visit the Chatham Historic Dockyard museum, and see where HMS Victory Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar was built and take a look at HMS Ocelot (S17) ("O" class submarine, always did wonder how those guys went so long at a time at sea without nookie,

Your Rochester escort may well becomes uneasy when she realises that the local young offenders' institute / old Borstal is to be rebuilt to to double it's size as a prison. Though the thought of being in with all  those randy young men might appeal to some, I'll stick to dating good boys just one to one LOL.

Now as miss Gillingham escort I'm quite ecstatic
with Gillingham FC, not so much about watching the matches but wonders if it could be arranged to allow me Charlie Anne to scrub their backs in the bath afterwards. When I was told  that the baths / showers afterwards  may have up to 15 n-a-k-e-d players and my safety could not be guaranteed, I just went weak at the knees and begged to be let in.

Your Strood escort was pleasantly surprised at how the new look water front area has been redeveloped with nice fairly expensive looking homes and lots of green areas, and with more work currently being done n the area, I'm looking forward to returning soon.

Your Rainham escort found the place to have more than it's share of elderly residents, with  several retirement homes around the town-centre I wonder if my naughty nurses outfit might liven things up , or should I just settle down with a sugar daddy?
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortNow staying on the old "Roman Watling Street" what we know as the A2, we arrive at Sittingbourne, where as your Sittingbourne escort I might  fancy a night at the dogs, or take in a production at the new Avenue Theatre, but I've already turned down the idea of spending time at the local Sittingbourne's Steam Railway unless of course you are the train driver and fancy taking me for a ride footplate, I'm always happy to help you stoke your boiler.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Canterbury as a Canterbury escort.
I put on a not to ostentatious hat but as always wear it with lots of hatitude for our Canterbury excursion. Why the hat you ask? Well our first stop is to take a look in on the Cathedral which apparently is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primate of All England, head of the Church of England and of the worldwide Anglican Communion and if asked to take tea with his Grace and get a chance to kiss his wishing ring (or should that be sacred ring) at the end of the day I wanna dress the part don i.
On coming out my thoughts were very much, it might be oldest and is in need of 50 million to fund a major restoration project, but once you've seen one, it would need the Archbishop to invite me for tea to leave any lasting memory. So moving on I wonder to myself what Virginia Woolf had seen in 1904 to acclaim  'There is no lovelier place in the world than Canterbury - that I say with my hand on my heart as I sit in Florence - and I have seen Venice too.'
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Herne Bay as a Hernne Bay escort.
Well as I promised maybe a couple of days by the sea is now called for so digging out the "Kiss me Quick" hat, compulsory seaside attire,  I take on a Herne Bay escort persona. Well a slow and gentle walk along the prom and I had this urge to take of my hat, everyone I passed was looking at me like I was from another planet,  things just didn't feel right, looking round there  were a few well kept sea front gardens with elderly people sitting on the benches surrounded by what looks like a place in much need of regeneration. I closed my eyes and listened, there was something missing. Then suddenly it dawned on me there was no music or coins clinking, where are the amusement arcades? where are the fair rides?
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Margate as a Margate escort.
No problem I thought back into the car, back on with  the "Kiss me Quick" hat and into Margate escort mode. Not being one to give up easily I decided to just pop down the road at Margate, where I know there is a "Dreamland" The largest coastal leisure park in Southern England featuring the classic white-knuckle rides, from traditional roller coasters and water rides, to classic dodgems and waltzers.
Driving along the sea front things just didn't seem at all familiar, lovely sandy beaches almost deserted, lots of run down hotels, ah yes a few but almost empty arcades, but I'm heading for the Fun Fair. Well there were no signs posts, no big wheels or roller coasters to be seen in the distance and though I remember being here at the fair before a few years ago nothing seemed familiar.
I got out to ask and approached this group of boys to ask for directions, when asked they replied "We have come Margate 6 months and no see fair" in an Eastern Europe accent, I thanked them and drove off. About 100 yards further on are there were a couple with shopping bags so guessing they were locals again I stopped got out and asked if they knew where the Dreamland leisure park was. A similar reply again in an Eastern Europe accent "We only Margate one week we not know".
I decide to U turn and go back and ask at one of the Arcades, A big bouncer bloke stood outside in a blazer that looked like a uniform, so I went straight up to him and asked "where the fair mate"? A big grin started to form on his face and he asked back "what fairs that gorgeous"? I answered, "well I'm too old for donkey derby's and gave up on roundabout a few year back,  I'm looking for Dreamland the big leisure park". Oh he grunted as a reply.
Getting just a bit pissed off, I retorted "well can you help me or not"?
That big grin reappeared back on his face, and he replied "you know what I think I can. Just step inside and I'll show you". Rather apprehensively I stepped inside and he turned round and pointed, saying "if you get in that and dial in the year 1999 or 2000 that should take you back far enough in time for the fun fair you're looking for to be about half a mile down the road on the left". I looked totally blank at him and it suddenly hit me he was suggesting I get into a blue telephone box thing a make believe Tardis  and go back in time. I ask him "are you telling me it's no longer there then"? "Yep darling that just what I'm telling you". I was very tempted to jump into the Tardis to hide my embarrassment, but just muttered a thank and went back to the car and threw that hat into the back.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Ramsgate as a Ramsgate escort.
Abandoning any thoughts of a day on the beach or at a fair I drove straight through Broadstairs and onto Ramsgate to see if there was anything there for a Ramsgate escort.
 When I got there  and ventured out, the  golden sand did look inviting, and the surroundings looked  so much less of the depressing than Margate and Herne bay, but I still sensed it had seen much better days. So I decided to amble slowly  down to the port area where the ferry to Ostend leaves from. I must of been leaning on the harbour wall  for the best part of an hour and a half just watching small and some not so small craft moving around the Marina, watching some boats leave and some entering the harbour, totally oblivious to the traffic noise behind me, just mesmerized by the tranquillity and slow pace of life in the Harbour. I felt a tap on my shoulder and a lady asked " you alright dear? you've been stood here over an hour, I noticed you from over there where I work in the cafe".  I turned, smiled and replied "I'm just fine, but thanks for the concern". I headed back to the car totally de-stressed, it felt as if the waters of the harbour had washed all those stresses away, what power the sea has.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Dover as a Dover escort.
Before a recognisance visit to Dover I decided to do just a little reading up on what it had to offer and coming across an article on cross channel swimming I wondered if I might enter the record books of being the first working female escort to mange it but when I read that a local lady had actually swam it successfully 34 times, my single crossing may no be that much of a achievement and the thought of a national newspaper headline "The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service were today scrambled in a bid rescue the scantily clad Dover escort Charlie Anne from disaster after she ran into problems on her first cross channel swim attempt after losing her bikini top and finding that the local jelly fish admired her 34D assets so much so that they had swollen to 34GG from their stings" had me decide against the idea.

So with passport in hand just in case I fancied a days shopping in Calais Dover escort set about exploring the channel port of Dover. On arrival with so much on our agenda the first thing to do was find somewhere to stay, but with so many small hotels and guest houses to chose from I seemed spoilt for choice. A quick check on the trusty laptop companion had me narrow down the choice to one of two hotels, the Ramada hotel part of an international chain where you know just what you are going to get and Wallett's Court a country house hotel. So off to Wallets Court I go to check it out, enquiring at reception what the rooms were like I was invited upstairs by this handsome assistant manager to take a look at one of the rooms, once inside it was all I could do not to throw him onto the inviting four poster bed and have my evil way with him, managing to mutter yes pleeeease, he said take your time have a look around and I see you back in reception, leaving me alone in the room. Those few seconds had left me so hot and h-o-r-n-y, I just lay on the bed and did what a girl has to do to relieve those pent up feelings before going back down stairs to check in.

With the hotel sorted I decided the first port of call was to be to explore the Castle and the Secret Wartime Tunnels, all of which were quite fascinating but feeling quite worn out by my earlier exploit I decided to return to the hotel and check out the hotel spa and what a pleasure it was, laying in the sauna I closed my eyes and started to dream of what might of happened had I given in to temptation on first seeing my room, a quick dip in the pool was called for to cool me down. This was followed by a drink in the bar, dinner for one in the restaurant and early bed to have me all refreshed for the next day shopping trip to Calais.

My day trip was very enjoyable, a smooth crossing and spend spend spend had me arrive back at the hotel worn out but pleased with my day, made even better when I noticed stood behind reception was that sexy assistant manager. I wasted no time went straight over to him and made him a proposal that he would not be able to resist. I dined in my room that night a very contented girl having already had my starter, knowing there was desert on offer after Jon finished his shift.

My final day as a Dover escort was spent on the "Southern Queen" a boat trip along the white cliffs, followed by a walk around the "Dover Transport Museum" looking at old  cars and a steam engine finally having afternoon tea at Crabble Corn Mill, a complete and working examples of a Georgian watermill, leaving Dover the next morning singing to myself the song  first sung by war time sweetheart Vera Lynn "White Cliffs of Dover by Robson & Jerome", taking with me pleasant memories and eager to return whenever asked.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Folkestone as a Folkestone escort.
My next port of call in Kent is Folkestone, and if as they rightly say "Dartford is one town that changed the world", Folkestone has to be "the town that took England into Europe".
I see that whilst the old sea port here is well in need of a makeover the town it self is bustling with activity and looking quite prosperous. I guess this is mostly down to the channel tunnel. Yes that 31 mile long Tunnel between Folkestone and Calais has certainly boosted the local coffers here. It has had non stop money pouring into the place, first from the 1980's through to 1994 with Chunnel  building personnel staying there and spending whilst the megaproject  was built. Then the working channel tunnel created new jobs and a lot of passing trafic bringing in more town revenue. So all this has allowed the whole place to benefit, which very importantly means Charlie Anne has found another place she likes shopping in.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in the center of Kent visits Five Heart of Kent Towns

The market-town of Ashford as a Ashford escort
Maidstone - the County-Town of Kent as a Maidstone escort
The historic spa-town of Royal Tunbridge Wells as a Tunbridge Wells escort
Sevenoaks set amidst the hills and valleys of the North Downs as a Sevenoaks escort
The medieval market-town of Tonbridge as a Tonbridge escort

Making my way up that area of Kent called  "The Garden of England" because of its agricultural influence, extensive orchards and hop-gardens often accompanied by Oast houses of vernacular architecture usually round with conical roofs toped of with a cowl that turns with the wind, that they used to dry out the hops which were and still are so important in traditional brewing of beer. I opted not to look around any of these preferring to stick to hostelries selling the finished product beer.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Ashford as an  Ashford escort.
Rather a whistle stop tour in Ashford where I found a modern place, very little seems left of the old apart from some half-timbered buildings in Middle Row with a few more around the churchyard in the town centre. Apparently many old buildings were bulldozed to make way for the ring road around the centre which was  built in the early 1970s.
Three modern shopping centres in the town: Park Mall, County Square and the new Designer Outlet plus Bank Street and High Street are traffic-free shopping thoroughfares. Charlie Anne makes a mental note to take a closer look at the shops real soon.
The other thing that should be mentioned is Ashford the name indicating a ford near to a clump of ash-trees,  is situated spanning the the confluence of the River Upper Great Stour, River East Stour, Aylesford Stream, Whitewater Dyke, Ruckinge Dyke and the resulting River Great Stour heading to the English Channel.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Maidstone as a  Maidstone escort.
Moving onto Maidstone the county town of Kent straddling the river Medway. I was please to be told that Maidstone is ranked in the top five shopping centres in the southeast of England, another note in my diary for a shopping day here. With five theatrical venues  The Hazlitt Theatre, River Stage, The Exchange (or "Corn exchange") and Hermitage Millennium Amphitheatre.  A host of restaurants and some nice hotels,  this town could well keep our Maidstone escort busy.
Whilst there I took a trip along the river seeing some beautiful scenery, popped into both the Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery plus the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages with a unique collection of horse-drawn carriages, one of Maidstone's hidden gems! But lets be honest guys, I would of preferred just checking out the shops
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Tonbridge as a  Tonbridge escort.
Tonbridge originally spelt Tunbridge was my next stop, an affluent market town with character and into Tonbridge escort mode I notice an old fashioned long high street shopping area quite likely struggling to compete with Maidstone and Bluewater shopping mall in Greenhithe near Dartford. Though I actually missed it myself I was told there is a monthly farmers' market that sells a wide variety of locally produced food and drinks, together with more exotic imports.
With not to much sign of industry other than a little light engineering and distribution it appears the town has turned education into an industry, with so many high achieving schools teaching is a major source of employment in the town with thousands of children commuting to school especially by train from all over the place.
A quick trip around Tonbridge Castle, reputedly England's finest example of a motte and bailey castle, then a relaxing boat trip through the town lock and along the Medway to finish of the day in Tonbridge.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Tunbridge Wells as a  Tunbridge Wells escort.
Royal Tunbridge Wells with it's royal title  has me wondering if there was any chance of taking tea of cucumber sandwiches and cream scones with royalty before I leave the town.
A quick glance at my guide book to see just I should check out while I'm here  explained the Royal title had been bestowed on the town by King Edward VII in 1909, this being one of only two towns in the country to carry the Royal title. (so forget the sarnies)
Back in the 1606 a spring was discovered here with high iron content in the waters and was believed to have healing properties hence the town has ever since  developed as a spa town.
The town center appears to be in two halves, the old half with with almost a large village feel where the Pantiles can be found, which contain the spa which made the town so famous plus a wonderful selection of high quality boutiques, antiques shops, bars and cafes.. Whilst the new half more recently developed part of the town containing the Royal Victoria Place Shopping centre as well as the pedestrian area and many retail shopping outlets. This north part of the town is also home to the Assembly Halls and the Trinity Theatre (formerly Holy Trinity Church), which offers live comedy, drama and musicals.
South East escort Charlie Anne in Slough as a Slough escortKent escort Charlie Anne in Sevenoaks as a  Sevenoaks escort.
Sevenoaks it's, name derived from the Saxon word "Seouenaca", the name given to a small chapel near seven oak trees in Knole Park. Having finished an overnight in Sevenoaks leaving early one morning I was quite taken back I appeared to witnessing what I could only describe as a mass exodus of business men and women some in cars heading out of town and a moving  throng heading for the station, presumably al commuters heading to London to work with a few heading north to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory research facility at Fort Halstead just outside town  the largest local employer in the district.
With the town settled down the mass exodus over I find a long high street of shops coming in all shapes and sizes, a cricket ground "The vine Cricket ground" one of the oldest in England given to the town in 1773 and a nearby Stately Home Knole House surrounded by a beautiful deer park.

Sadly this ends your county tour of Kent with Charlie Anne, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Whilst Charlie Anne has nothing to do with street prostitution there are a few stories that may well be of interest to clients in Kent on BBC news and Amnesty Org.

Prostitution 'pays for drug use' about a mother and two daughters all prostitutes and the police anti-prostitution patrols in Kent.

New approach to curb prostitution story about new ways of tackling the problem of prostitution in the Medway towns.

Amnesty welcomes police raids in Kent but calls for protection for trafficking victims.